La société Alshaer Paris® is a French brand of high-end hair products designed by Brazilian specialists, including smoothing, shampoo and repairing mask products.
Our ambition is to offer you high quality products at the best price on the market.


For the little story…

It all started in 2013, the year I tested the famous Brazilian smoothing, very popular that everyone was talking about. After trying, how can I tell you that it was revolutionary for my hair! Since that day everything has changed, both personally and professionally. From there was born this passion for hair products, some time after discovering the profession of hairdresser and being trained, I was able to exercise my passion on a daily basis.
Social networks have allowed me to forge a special bond with each of my clients by sharing my know-how and advice, and also learning more through our discussions.

In 2019, Alshaer was born, a French brand of high-end hair products made in Brazil, including straightening products, shampoos and repairing masks intended to facilitate styling.
Indeed, many women wanted to have smooth and supple hair, but most of them are reluctant because the process is not natural and can distort the hair over time.
There are no products that are both 100% natural and at the same time effective with our partner laboratories.We have sought to resolve this problem by considerably reducing the controversial products in our range, thus, we have succeeded in developing such an effective product. with mostly natural components and guaranteed without formalin.


A wide innovative range for everyone!
Alshaer specially develops its products to care for, smooth and enhance your hair without damaging it.
With our Brazilian partners, we are developing a range of products for you that meets the standards in force within the European Union.

The AlShaer® Paris team